SALSA LA-STYLE Los Angeles Style
(Salsa Cross-Body Lead On1) nowadays is one of the most popular ways to enjoy salsa as social dance. It is becoming especially popular in Europe and is present in all salsa festivals. We are now pleased to invite you to enjoy the sensuality, elegance, and hotness of the most popular rhythms from the Caribbean and Latin America.

(Original dance from Angola). Easy and very sensual way to dance and enjoy the amazing melody of Kizomba music. And the best of all – it is meant for all age and levelsTanssikoulu Salsa Latina is a couple teaching Kizomba all around Finland since 2010. Performing at festivals in Finland, and teaching at Salsa-Kizomba events in different countries, such as Tallin-Estonia “Casa de Baile”, Kazan-Russia “D-Dance”

BACHATA Sensual Style
Original from Dominican Republic. is a slower dance in which important elements are closeness and feeling. The connection between the dancers is achieved through sensual music and combining moves. Fusion Bachata nowadays is more knows all around the world. You will discovered the amazing lovely melody and sensuality of Bachata.

and Easy way to work out and dance Latin and International music at the same time. JOIN THE PARTY! As student you don’t need to have any dance background,

Latino Mix Fitness combines the rhythms of cumbia, salsa, samba, bachata, merengue and reggaeton and more. Party yourself into shape with a great dance atmosphere.

(often classed as a sensual form of modern bachata) is a style of dance that fuses bachata with Argentine tango moves, including elaborated kicks, dips, turns, ganchos, leg wraps and long pauses. The dance is characterized by sensual hip and body movements

Is a popular night club dance in Latin America, Original from Dominican Republic. Easy to learn, sensual and energetic music makes Merengue the dance style that everyone can start to dance after one dance lesson



Bachata Intensive Workshop November 30th

Sensual Bachata Intensive Workshop November 30th

Salsa Lady Styling

Salsa Lady Styling on Wednesdays Hello dear ladie

Salsa Couple Beginners II in November

Salsa Latina Couple Salsa Beginners II In November

Kizomba Introduction Workshop III

Sunday October 27th Hello dear friends We

Salsa Introduction class in November

Introduction Couple Salsa class Cross Body Lead S